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Mission Statement

Despite the availability of many excellent books and scientific articles and daily discussions on comp.lang.fortran, information about modern Fortran programming is sometimes difficult to find. There is a need for something that changes faster than books, papers, and documentation, but is more persistent and organized than a newsgroup. The Fortran Wiki aims to fill this void. Its mission is to provide an open and community-driven venue for documenting and discussing all aspects of the Fortran language, from compilers and standards and best practices and design patterns.

Among other things, the Fortran Wiki shall collect:


The full content of the Fortran Wiki, which is licensed under the permissive GNU Free Documentation License, can be downloaded in either HTML or Markdown format to ensure that the content is replicated and remains free.


The Fortran Wiki is located at and is hosted by Linode on a virtual private server running Debian GNU/Linux. It is powered by Instiki, a wiki engine written using Ruby on Rails.


The Fortran Wiki was created in October 2008 by Jason Blevins. An initial version of the site, based on a customized version of ikiwiki, was online briefly from October to December 2008. In April 2009, the site was brought online again, this time running on Instiki.

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