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GUI Development in Fortran 2003


The gtk-fortran project is a set of Fortran modules that allow the GTK libraries to be called via the Fortran 2003 ISO_C_BINDING. It can be used with GTK 3 for new projects, but also with GTK 2. Gtk-fortran is cross-platform: Linux, MSYS2 in Windows, FreeBSD, macOS, Raspbian on Raspberry Pi…

In addition to the standard GTK routines (along with GLib, GDK and Cairo) there is a high-level interface which uses Fortran’s optional argument system to create a programming interface to the most common widgets that should be more comfortable to IDL (Interactive Data Language) programmers. There is also an interface with the PLplot scientific plotting library, and additional tools like gtkf-sketcher to build graphical user interfaces using Glade 3.

See that example screenshot.


The forGE project is “a framework designed to simplify construction of modern Fortran programs using the GTK GUI functions” from Gtk-fortran.