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I am PhD student in the area of Computational Mechanics. My main focus is on coupled Atomistic-Continuum models to simulate Fracture. Also I have some work on Meshfree methods such as Element Free Galerkin Method(EFG). I started programming in 1994 with Tubro Pascal, a little Delphi and C in 1998. Starting my PhD in 2008, I used MATLAB to code Finite Elements and Meshfree methods. Soon I realized many problems with MATLAB when using it like a native language. Seeking the right choice, I had the dilemma of C++ and Fortran. I chose Fortran and I lived happily ever after.

Currently, I put all my efforts to implement a code which I call it “Permix”. 95% of Permix is in Fortran but it is connected to some big C++ libraries. The main goal of Permix is to generate a platform to implement ideas quickly in the area of Computational Mechanics and Material Science.

talebi(dot)hossein (at)