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cmplx(x [, y [, kind]]) returns a complex number where x is converted to the real component. If y is present it is converted to the imaginary component. If y is not present then the imaginary component is set to 0.0. If x is complex then y must not be present.


FORTRAN 77 and later


Elemental function


result = cmplx(x [, y [, kind]])


  • x - The type may be integer, real, or complex.
  • y - (Optional; only allowed if x is not complex.) May be integer or real.
  • kind - (Optional) An integer initialization expression indicating the kind parameter of the result.

Return value

The return value is of complex type, with a kind equal to kind if it is specified. If kind is not specified, the result is of the default complex kind, regardless of the kinds of x and y.


program test_cmplx
    integer :: i = 42
    real :: x = 3.14
    complex :: z
    z = cmplx(i, x)
    print *, z, cmplx(x)
end program test_cmplx

category: intrinsics