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! Returns the inverse of a matrix calculated by finding the LU
! decomposition.  Depends on LAPACK.
function inv(A) result(Ainv)
  real(dp), dimension(:,:), intent(in) :: A
  real(dp), dimension(size(A,1),size(A,2)) :: Ainv

  real(dp), dimension(size(A,1)) :: work  ! work array for LAPACK
  integer, dimension(size(A,1)) :: ipiv   ! pivot indices
  integer :: n, info

  ! External procedures defined in LAPACK
  external DGETRF
  external DGETRI

  ! Store A in Ainv to prevent it from being overwritten by LAPACK
  Ainv = A
  n = size(A,1)

  ! DGETRF computes an LU factorization of a general M-by-N matrix A
  ! using partial pivoting with row interchanges.
  call DGETRF(n, n, Ainv, n, ipiv, info)

  if (info /= 0) then
     stop 'Matrix is numerically singular!'
  end if

  ! DGETRI computes the inverse of a matrix using the LU factorization
  ! computed by DGETRF.
  call DGETRI(n, Ainv, n, ipiv, work, n, info)

  if (info /= 0) then
     stop 'Matrix inversion failed!'
  end if
end function inv

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