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Absoft Fortran Compilers and Debuggers for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux

Development started around 1980 and ended on September 30, 2022. A copy of has been made which includes documentation and installation executables from Version 11 (2014) to Version 22 (2022), but no license keys.

Continuing Bugs and Workarounds for Windows versions (and perhaps others)

  1. 2GB limit. The last bug to be fixed related to arrays larger than 2GB. However other bugs in operations on memory units larger than 2GB remain, even in code compiled for 64-bit execution. For instance, REPEAT (character, count) fails under these conditions.

  2. Unexplained crashes in the MRWE run-time MDI user interface when clicking on a dialog-box button. A work-around is to insert a WIN32 API call to MessageBoxTimeoutA in the click handler routine. Use it to flash a brief message on the screen, such as “Processing”, which has the effect of preventing the crash.

  3. Practical Alternative for Windows computers is Intel IFORT Fortran in the Visual Studio environment. This provides a similar GUI to Absoft’s.