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The CERN Program Library or CERNLIB is a collection of FORTRAN 77 libraries and modules, maintained “as is” by CERN. Its content ranges from more specialized data analysis of high energy physics to general purpose numerical analysis. Lower-level parts of the library are most prominently used by the data analysis software PAW (Physics Analysis Workstation) and the detector simulation framework GEANT (which themselves are contained in CERNLIB).

The major fields covered by the libraries contained therein are:

  • Detector simulation
  • Elementary particle data
  • Graphics and plotting
  • Hadronic event generation
  • I/O and structured data storage
  • Numerical analysis
  • Statistics and data analysis


Permission to use and/or redistribute CERNLIB is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


The development and support for CERNLIB was discontinued in 2003. Libraries will be continued to be provided “as is” “for ever” but with no new code, no user support and no port to IA64. Recompilations will be done for major new Linux versions, but must be tested by the experiments. If the tests fail, the last working frozen version will be kept: this would be the start of a “museum” system. The CERNLIB build procedure was streamlined and documented for the last release in 2002, to allow non-experts to continue building of CERNLIB on Linux.


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