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The PathScale EKOPath Compiler Suite consists of a Fortran 90/95 and 2003 compiler and ISO C99/C++ compiler tuned for performance on Intel 64 and AMD64 processors.

As of EKOPath 5, the “nightly build” installer script seems to require a PathScale license file.

As of early 2019, PathScale appears to have discontinued their compiler products, as per excerpt:

Cray owned the intellectual property until March 2012 when a reborn PathScale Inc. acquired all assets.

From 2009 until mid-2016 the new PathScale focused primarily on advanced compiler and toolchain solutions for scientific computing. Under the new leadership, the compiler technology heavily expanded into leading edge computational offloading techniques for accelerators, specifically GPGPU and many-core. This crossed all major hardware ranging from NVIDIA’s Tesla, AMD Firepro and ARM and x86 many-core processors. Unfortunately, due to market conditions the viability of an independent compiler company did not last forever. The famous EKOPath and new compiler product ENZO quietly saw their last major release.