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FORD is an automatic documentation generator for modern (1990 onward) Fortran code. FORD stands for FORtran Documenter. As you may know, “to ford” refers to crossing a river (or other body of water). It does not, in this context, refer to any company or individual associated with cars.

Ford was written due to Doxygen’s poor handling of Fortran and the lack of comparable alternatives. ROBODoc can’t actually extract any information from the source code and just about any other automatic documentation software I found was either proprietary, didn’t work very well for Fortran, or was limited in terms of how it produced its output.

The goal of FORD is to be able to reliably produce documentation for modern Fortran software which is informative and nice to look at. The documentation should be easy to write and non-obtrusive within the code. While it will never be as feature-rich as Doxygen, hopefully FORD will be able to provide a good alternative for documenting Fortran projects. Current features include:

  • the ability to extract information about variables, procedures, procedure arguments, derived types, programs, and modules from the source code.
  • output designed around Fortran
  • the ability to extract documentation from comments in the source code.
  • LaTeX support in documentation using MathJax.
  • searchable documentation, using Tipue Search.
  • author description and social media (including Github!) links.
  • links to download the source code.
  • links to individual files, both in their raw form or in HTML with syntax highlighting.
  • use of Markdown to type-set documentation.
  • the ability to include the contents of other files within your documentation.
  • links between related parts of the software.
  • Bootstrap CSS for the documentation, making it both functional and pretty.
  • configurable settings.
  • ability to create a hiearchical set of pages containing general information, not associated with any particular part of the source code.
  • limited support for documentation of non-Fortran source files.

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License: GPLv3