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Fortran 2003 status discussion

Discussion of Fortran 2003 status page

Rouson?, September 2016:

Whereas any standard-conforming Fortran 2003 program remains standard conforming under Fortran 2008; furthermore, given the existence of a Fortran 2008 status page; and considering the burden of maintaining two status pages, as evidenced by the the compiler versions listed on this page, some of which are five months or more out of date; it is proposed to delete this page and focus on maintaining an up-to-date Fortran 2008 page. Please edit this page to provide feedback on this proposal.

Jason Blevins, March 2017:

I’ve moved this discussion to a separate page. For now, I updated the introduction of the main page to point out your concerns with the timeliness of the updates, so that people can judge for themselves whether it’s useful.

C.M?, October 2017 : I think it’s time to delete that page.