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Fortran for Scientists and Engineers (Fourth Edition)

By Stephen J. Chapman (2017)
McGraw-Hill Education


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Fortran for Scientists and Engineers teaches simutaneously both the fundamentals of the Fortran language and a programming style that results in good, maintainable programs. In addition, it serves as a reference for Professionals working in the industry. Among its strengths are its concise, clear explanations of Fortran syntax and programming procedures, the inclusion of a wealth of examples and exercises to help students grasp difficult concepts, and its explanations about how to understand code written for older versions of Fortran.


  1. Introduction to Computers and the Fortran Language
  2. Basic Elements of Fortran
  3. Program Design and Branching Structures
  4. Loops and Character Manipulation
  5. Basic I/O Concepts
  6. Introduction to Arrays
  7. Introduction to Procedures
  8. Additional Features of Arrays
  9. Additional Features of Procedures
  10. More About Character Variables
  11. Additional Intrinsic Data Types
  12. Derived Data Types
  13. Advanced Features of Procedures and Modules
  14. Advanced I/O Concepts
  15. Pointers and Dynamic Data Structures
  16. Object-Oriented Programming in Fortran
  17. Coarrays
  18. Redundant, Obsolescent, and Deleted Fortran Features

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