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Numerical Computing With Modern Fortran

By Richard J. Hanson and Tim Hopkins (2013)


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  • Techniques for modernizing algorithms written in Fortran;
  • Examples of Fortran interoperating with C or C++ programs, plus using the IEEE floating-point standard for efficiency;
  • Illustrations of parallel Fortran programming using coarrays, MPI, and OpenMP;
  • A supplementary website with downloadable source codes discussed in the book.


The Fortran language standard has undergone significant upgrades in recent years (1990, 1995, 2003, and 2008). Numerical Computing with Modern Fortran illustrates many of these improvements through practical solutions to a number of scientific and engineering problems.

Audience: This book is intended for Fortran programmers seeking to update their programming skills using the language s latest features and for C and C++ programmers who want to understand key software aspects of numerical computing using modern Fortran. It is suitable for an upper-level undergraduate or early graduate course on advanced numerical scientific computing.


  1. The Modern Fortran Source
  2. Modules for Subprogram Libraries
  3. Generic Subprograms
  4. Sparse Matrices, Defined Operations, Overloaded Assignment
  5. Object-Oriented Programming for Numerical Applications
  6. Recursion in Fortran
  7. Case Study: Toward a Modern QUADPACK Routine
  8. Case Study: Quadrature Routine qag2003
  9. IEEE Arithmetic Features and Exception Handling
  10. Interoperability with C
  11. Defined Operations for Sparse Matrix Solutions
  12. Case Study: Two Sparse Least-Squares System Examples
  13. Message Passing with MPI in Standard Fortran
  14. Coarrays in Standard Fortran
  15. OpenMP in Fortran
  16. Modifying Source to Remove Obsolescent or Deleted Features
  17. Software Testing
  18. Compilers
  19. Software Tools
  20. Fortran Book Code on SIAM Web Site

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