Fortran Wiki

Various strategies and tools for parallelization of Fortran code using multithreading and/or multiprocessing.

Co-arrays: Incorporated into Fortran 2008 and enhanced in Fortran 2018. Available in actively developed compilers from GNU/OpenCoarrays, Cray, and Intel.


MPICH: A flavour of MPI; OpenMPI: another.

OpenMP OMP: multi-platform shared-memory parallel programming in C/C++ and Fortran. This is available for gfortran ( libgomp), and many commercial compilers.

ADAPTOR: Parallel Fortran Compilation System

PGI CUDA Fortran compiler Based on Open64.

PIPS: Automatic Parallelizer and Code Transformation Framework (Fortran to Fortran). A Fortran 95 front end has just been released. There is also a version targetting CUDA (see Par4All).