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Fortran Wiki is now a popular web page for modern Fortran documentation! It will get bigger and bigger very soon! The question is should we use Instiki for this popular wiki? Shouldn’t we migrate to Mediawiki or Dokuwiki or a similar but much more powerful wiki? Both of these supports syntax highlighting, MathML, page revisons, extended markup, export to PDF, S5 slide show, SVG graphics, and many mores. Furthermore they are quite popular that any user in Fortran wiki has kind of experience using with them! Both of them can be used as portable wiki. If you like to have them on your portable usb stick have a look at the two web pages as follows:

  1. Portable XAMP
  2. Portable MoVeS

Wikimatrix is a good place to compare different wiki system available as open source, free wikis!

Have a look at: Compare Instiki with other wikis

Thanks for your contributions to the wiki, Mohammad. When I started the wiki, I anticipated that this question would eventually come up. Unfortunately, everyone has their own favorite wiki software and markup and no choice would perfectly satisfy everyone. Instiki, despite looking simple, actually supports all of the features you mentioned above (with the exception of PDF export, which it supports but is disabled, but which is only a pdflatex call away using the LaTeX export). I understand that your interest is in having a portable wiki, which Instiki is not, but I would argue that with widespread internet access, a centralized wiki is more useful in this case. (Although something like Ikiwiki, which is has a distributed VCS backend for easy merging, is a nice compromise.)

Personally, I don’t have the time or interest to switch software or to port the wiki content (currently, 372 printed pages worth) to a new format. At the same time, I have absolutely no qualms with someone starting another wiki. The content of this wiki is licensed under the GFDL and can be easily downloaded by clicking the Export link on the homepage.

So, although my vote is to leave things as is, since we certainly haven’t come close to “outgrowing” Instiki and I’m not sure that there are compelling features that are missing, that certainly should not stop anyone from doing otherwise if there is sufficient interest in switching.

Jason Blevins, 26 June 2011