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This is a simple but useful free-unit locator.

! This is a simple function to search for an available unit.
! LUN_MIN and LUN_MAX define the range of possible LUNs to check.
! The UNIT value is returned by the function, and also by the optional
! argument. This allows the function to be used directly in an OPEN
! statement, and optionally save the result in a local variable.
! If no units are available, -1 is returned.
integer function newunit(unit)
  integer, intent(out), optional :: unit
! local
  integer, parameter :: LUN_MIN=10, LUN_MAX=1000
  logical :: opened
  integer :: lun
! begin
  do lun=LUN_MIN,LUN_MAX
    if (.not. opened) then
    end if
  end do
  if (present(unit)) unit=newunit
end function newunit

Here is an example, including the function interface. You can put the above unit into a module, or avoid modules and put the interface into an INCLUDE file. Or, make the argument non-optional and just use an EXTERNAL interface.

program test_program
    integer function newunit(unit)
      integer, intent(out), optional :: unit
    end function newunit
  end interface
  integer lun
end program test_program

In Fortran 2008, a NEWUNIT specifier is introduced. It opens a file on an unused unit number (automatically chosen). It also returns the unit number that was chosen. Source: Fortran 2008 Feature Overview, p.11

program test_program
  integer :: unit
end program test_program

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