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Jason Blevins (10 May 2009) This is a test program to answer the following question: If bar_mod uses foo_mod, do we get access to the public symbols of foo_mod when we use bar_mod?

! use_test.f90 -- testing multi-level use statements
module foo_mod
  implicit none

  real, parameter :: foo = 3.1416
end module foo_mod

module bar_mod
  use foo_mod
  implicit none

  real, parameter :: bar = 2.7183
end module bar_mod

program use_test
  use bar_mod
  implicit none

  print *, 'foo:', foo
  print *, 'bar:', bar
end program use_test

The answer is yes:

% gfortran -o use_test use_test.f90
% ./use_test
 foo:   3.1415999    
 bar:   2.7183001