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Fortran Build Tools

  • fake - a shell script for generating Fortran makefiles.

  • - a Python script for (automatic) building of modern complex Fortran project.

  • sfmakedepend - searches for Fortran style includes, C preprocessor includes, and module dependencies.

  • makedepf90 - Automatic dependency resolution and makefile creation given a set of Fortran sources. Resolves module dependencies, Fortran and C preprocessor includes and external procedures.

  • CMake - CMake is a cross-platform, open-source build system. It is similar to autoconf, but aims to be simpler, and has first class Fortran support. It includes automatic Fortran dependency resolution and can be used for unit and regression testing, software building, system introspection, cross-compilation, and redistributable software packaging. CMake can use different ‘generators’ to actually perform the build: make files, Visual Studio, Xcode and others.

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