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date_and_time(date, time, zone, values) gets the corresponding date and time information from the real-time system clock. date is intent(out) and has form ccyymmdd. time is intent(out) and has form hhmmss.sss. zone is intent(out) and has form (+-)hhmm, representing the difference with respect to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Unavailable time and date parameters return blanks.

values is intent(out) and provides the following:

  • value(1): - The year
  • value(2): - The month
  • value(3): - The day of the month
  • value(4): - Time difference with UTC in minutes
  • value(5): - The hour of the day
  • value(6): - The minutes of the hour
  • value(7): - The seconds of the minute
  • value(8): - The milliseconds of the second


Fortran 95 and later




call date_and_time([date, time, zone, values])


  • date - (Optional) The type shall be character(len=8) or larger, and of default kind.
  • time - (Optional) The type shall be character(len=10) or larger, and of default kind.
  • zone - (Optional) The type shall be character(len=5) or larger, and of default kind.
  • values- (Optional) The type shall be integer(8).

Return value



program test_time_and_date
    character(8)  :: date
    character(10) :: time
    character(5)  :: zone
    integer,dimension(8) :: values
    ! using keyword arguments
    call date_and_time(date,time,zone,values)
    call date_and_time(DATE=date,ZONE=zone)
    call date_and_time(TIME=time)
    call date_and_time(VALUES=values)
    print '(a,2x,a,2x,a)', date, time, zone
    print '(8i5)', values
end program test_time_and_date

See also

cpu_time, system_clock

category: intrinsics