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Fortran 95

Fortran 95 was a minor revision, but added a number of extensions, notably from the High Performance Fortran specification:

  • forall and nested where constructs to aid vectorization
  • User-defined pure and elemental procedures
  • Pointer initialization and structure default initialization.

A number of intrinsic functions were extended (for example a dim argument was added to the maxloc intrinsic).

Several features noted in Fortran 90 to be deprecated were removed from Fortran 95:

  • do statements using real and double precision variables
  • Branching to an end if statement from outside its block
  • pause statement
  • assign and assigned goto statement, and assigned format specifiers
  • h edit descriptor.

Furthermore, two extensions were proposed involving IEEE arithmetic and Allocatable enhancements. The former was included in Fortran 2003 but the latter was deferred.