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ishftc returns a value corresponding to i with the rightmost size bits shifted circularly shift places; that is, bits shifted out one end are shifted into the opposite end. A value of shift greater than zero corresponds to a left shift, a value of zero corresponds to no shift, and a value less than zero corresponds to a right shift. The absolute value of shift must be less than size. If the size argument is omitted, it is taken to be equivalent to bit_size(i).


Fortran 95 and later


Elemental function


result = ishftc(i, shift [, size])


  • i - The type shall be integer.
  • shift - The type shall be integer.
  • size - (Optional) The type shall be integer; the value must be greater than zero and less than or equal to bit_size(i).

Return value

The return value is of type integer and of the same kind as i.

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