Fortran Wiki

This page is for selected links to source code for or descriptions of applications written in Fortran. These might be examples of contemporary “real-world” programs, or educational older codes. There are thousands of currently active examples across the sciences.

See Software repositories for collections of libraries and see Library distribution for methods for packaging and distributing Fortran libraries. Code that works with gfortran Code that works with g95

Meteorology and climatology discusses why a lot of climate models are written in Fortran.

UK Meteorological Unified Model

This is 830k LOC

NEMO NEMO (Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean) Their Fortran 95 Coding Rules.

Goddard Institute for Space Studies GCM Model E The most recent GISS model. Source code.

IPSL Climate model IPSL Climate model documentation.

Computational Quantum Chemistry The Octopus code. GAMESS UK home page. GAMESS US home page. CP2K is a Fortran2003 program to perform simulations of solid state, liquid, molecular and biological systems.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

OFF an Open source Finite volumes Fluid dynamics code.

CFD Codes by Katate Masatsuka

Condensed Matter Physics

GENEUS is an open-source Fortran 2008 program for simulating superconductor/ferromagnet nanostructures. It is based on the Usadel quantum diffusion equation, and supports nonequilibrium calculations, self-consistent calculations, and uses convergence acceleration algorithms to remain fast for tricky problems.

Astronomy Observatory Vector Astrometry Software. Used to prepare the U.S. parts of The Astronomical Almanac.

Games Adventure.

Several versions of Zork were ported to Fortran:

And of course, Star Trek:

ForSudoku - A Fortran sudoku generator and solver.

Interpreters and compilers


PL/M Compiler. Fortran IV code that does compile using gfortran. PL/M is the language that CP/M was written in (see for more details).


“The VCU nuclear reactor simulator, Richmond Pile 3, is a classroom and research tool that emulates a large commercial pressurized water reactor (PWR).” It uses gtk-fortran.