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Computer Language Benchmarks Game

The Computer Language Benchmarks Game, previously known as the Great Computer Language Shootout, attempts to compare the performance of roughly 30 languages using several benchmarks. Users can contribute better performing implementations in order to improve the score of a particular language.

There are four test platforms, all of which involve Intel Q6600 processors running Ubuntu Linux, which differ along two dimensions: 32-bit vs. 64-bit and single-core vs. quad-core. Below are links comparing Intel Fortran to GNU GCC on each platform:

Note that these figures compare implementations of flawed benchmarks and thus the numbers are subject to programmer skill as well as intrinsic language performance. More popular languages such as C enjoy higher scores in large part because the implementations have been highly tuned and take advantage of multiple threads.

With some effort, Fortran’s scores could be greatly improved. Particular benchmarks to focus on are binary-trees, fasta, and reverse-complement.



I think the Fortran binary-trees implementation can be improved to better compete with the GCC version by using something along the lines of the mempool module in FLIBS. The C version quite successfully uses the memory pool functions of the Apache Portable Runtime Library Jason Blevins 30 Mar 2010 22:53 EDT.