Fortran Wiki

Fortran code is commonly integrated into programs written in Python, especially in the context of NumPy and SciPy.

  • PerformancePython on the SciPy wiki.

  • F2py - a Fortran to Python interface generator.

  • F2x - versatile, template-based Fortran wrapper written in Python.

  • f90wrap - f90wrap is a tool to automatically generate Python extension modules which interface to Fortran code that makes use of derived types.on the SciPy wiki. It builds on the capabilities of the popular f2py utility by generating a simpler Fortran 90 interface to the original Fortran code which is then suitable for wrapping with f2py, together with a higher-level Pythonic wrapper that makes the existance of an additional layer transparent to the final user.

  • forcallpy - embed a Python interpreter within your Fortran program, allow to call Python code and manage Fortran/Python data exchange. All this with secure type checking and less possible data duplication.

  • forpy - use Python in Fortran and vice versa.

  • forthon - Python wrapper generator for Fortran.

  • fython Fortran with a Python syntax.

  • gfort2py - uses gfortran .mod files to translate your fortran code’s ABI to python compatible types using python’s ctype library.

  • call_py_fort - Call Python from Fortran, by Noah Brenowitz. Related post: Calling Python from Fortran (not the other way around)

  • HOWTO convert a commandline Fortran program to a GUI Python program. It is easier to read from the cloned repository harrys-howtos by the author, HOWTO_Pythonize_FORTRAN.html

  • Python Fortran Rosetta Stone

  • Pyccel The aim of Pyccel is to provide a simple way to generate automatically, parallel low level code. The main uses would be to convert a Python code (or project) into a Fortran or C code and to accelerate Python functions by converting them to Fortran or C functions.

  • Fortran 90 to Python conversion Provides a Python command-line tool for partial translation.

  • py-fortranformat Fortran format interpreter for Python.

  • python-fortran Python-Fortran bindings examples.

  • jitFORTRAN - Fortran interface for python. Using numpy’s f2py, compile a python string of fortran code at runtime and run the resulting subroutines on numpy arrays. Works for Python 2 on Unix-like operating systems.

  • fmodpy - lightweight, efficient, highly automated, Fortran wrapper for Python.

  • f90nml - Python module and command line tool for working with Fortran namelists

  • cython_fortran_file - efficient package to read Fortran-record files in Python, by Corentin Cadiou

  • fimport - Python import hook for importing Fortran modules, by Pauli Virtanen