Fortran Wiki
Steve Soliday

I am an old FORTRAN programmer, I learned FORTRAN at a community college in 1979. That was on an IBM 370 (card reader and line printer). I worked as a programmer for a few years on a PDP-11/34 with RSXm and a PDP-1160 with RSTS/e. After some years in the army I went back to school. I programed FORTRAN on a VAX-8700, a Dec-ultrix, and I was one of the first undergraduate students to have a principle investigator’s account on North Carolina’s Cray-Y/MP super computer using UNICOS. In graduate school I wrote stellar evolution models in FORTRAN on a Sparc-20 using Solaris. Then I switched to engineering where I wrote Neural-networks and Genetic algorithms on Dec Alpha’s and SGI’s. I worked at Texas Instruments and Raytheon for a while where I occasionally got projects in FORTRAN because I was one of the only programmers who could, there I used SGI’s and Linux desktops. Then I spent 10 years doing something completely different. Now I am back as the Subject Matter Expert for Machine Learning and Cyber Autonomy for L3 Advanced Programs Division. They are strictly a Java shop but I write FORTRAN in my spare time. Four years ago I decided to learn “Modern Fortran” I got Metcalf’s book and went through it in a few days. I love the new Fortran. I am now learning OpenMP, and Coarrays. I use MPICH as a backend library. These days I do everything on a Linux desktop using gfrotran 7.3 with -std=2008ts. It has an AMD threadripper with 32 virtual cores, so threading is fun. Next year I want to upgrade the CPU to the 2nd Gen AMD, they say it can run 64 concurrent threads. In 1998 our 1/2 million dollar SGI only had 32 processors.