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Unit testing frameworks

  • cafut A single-file object-oriented unit testing utility for Coarray Fortran.

  • FUnit

  • Fortran Unit Test Framework (FRUIT)

  • FortUnit

  • Fortuno User friendly, flexible and extensible object-oriented Fortran unit testing framework for testing serial, MPI-parallelized and coarray-parallelized applications.

  • Ftnunit

  • Fytest Note Fytest is deprecated, you should consider to use the Fortuno unit testing framework instead.

  • pFUnit

  • test-drive A simple and lightweight testing framework developed by the Fortran-lang community, entirely written in modern Fortran.

  • M_framework - is an aggregate of Fortran modules useful for creating terminal messages, comparing expected values to results, writing logfiles and playback journals and performing unit tests for Fortran.

  • toast - Testing Or ASsertion Toolkit - Fortran unit testing library

  • Vegetables

  • veggies/garden

  • UnitTest

  • Zofu

  • FortUTF - Unit Test framework written purely in Fortran to be compatible with as many projects as possible

  • XFunit - Native Fortran 2003 Unit Testing Framework

  • CMake and CTest - Minimalistic cmake/ctest environment for fortran unit tests, with cmake dependency management and CI examples.