Fortran Wiki

Miscellaneous Fortran Tools

  • Fortran - Fortran Enhanced LALR BNF Grammar & Lexical Rules by Evangelos Drikos
  • fparser - Fortran parser written purely in Python which supports Fortran 2003 and some Fortran 2008
  • Open Fortran Parser - ANTLR-based parsing tools supporting Fortran 2003.
  • IRPF90 is a Fortran programming environment which helps the development of large Fortran codes by applying the Implicit Reference to Parameters method (IRP).
  • findent - indents fixed and free format Fortran sources, and converts from fixed format to free format and vice-versa.
  • fortran_tools - Tools for updating old Fortran programs (written in Python).
  • fprettify - auto-formatter for free format Fortran sources (indentation and whitespace formatting).
  • FTNCHEK - static syntax analyser for Fortran 77 by Robert Moniot. Very useful for checking old code. FTNCHEK is now a Sourceforge project, with the aim of bringing it up to date for Fortran 90.
  • Perl for Fun and Fortran- scripts to modify Fortran code and build make files.
  • fmake - Small script for easy creation of makefile for Fortran (standard 90 or higher) projects
  • OMNI Compiler - Fortran 2003/2008 front-end and back-end with high-level intermediate representation to build source-to-source translator.
  • Fortran legacy tools - tools for fixed to free format conversion, conversion to lower case source code and extraction of local variable declarations (to separate subroutine arguments from local variables)
  • fortran-syntax - simple fortran syntax checker, including automatic fixing of the code.
  • stylist - Style checking for Fortran, PSyclone DSL, etc
  • Pastebin - site to post code in many programming languages, including Fortran, and get syntax highlighting
  • GGG (Geneva Group Graphics) - permits the creation of PostScript files from a FORTRAN program, and the automatic insertion into a LaTeX text
  • nmltab - Python module and command-line tool to semantically tabulate, diff and superset Fortran namelist files, by Andrew Kiss
  • convert_FORTRAN_case - Python 3 script for case conversion of source code files written in fixed form Fortran
  • fortran-linter - simple Fortran syntax checker in Python, including automatic fixing of the code, by Corentin Cadiou and Alexandre Poux
  • fover - semantic versioning library written in and for modern Fortran, by Guidi Zhou and Jacopo Chevallard
  • Linux Fortran tools archive: f2c, plusFORT, flow, ftnchek, mpfun, pgplot, toolpack, and other tools
  • fortls a Language Server for Fortran, providing IDE features to the most common code editors (VS Code, Atom, Vim, etc.)
  • flint flint is a source-code static analyzer and quality checker with multiple programming languages support. For fortran, it intends to follow the coding conventions mentioned in OMS Documentation Wiki page.
  • fxtran is a Fortran parser which annotates the code with XML tags, providing a full syntax tree. The code can then be searched and edited using standard XML tools. It supports round tripping (the exact original source can be recovered from the result of the parsing).