Fortran Wiki

Miscellaneous Fortran Tools

  • Fortran - Fortran Enhanced LALR BNF Grammar & Lexical Rules by Evangelos Drikos
  • fparser - Fortran parser written purely in Python which supports Fortran 2003 and some Fortran 2008
  • Open Fortran Parser - ANTLR-based parsing tools supporting Fortran 2003.
  • IRPF90 is a Fortran programming environment which helps the development of large Fortran codes by applying the Implicit Reference to Parameters method (IRP).
  • findent - indents fixed and free format Fortran sources, and converts from fixed format to free format and vice-versa.
  • fortran_tools - Tools for updating old Fortran programs (written in Python).
  • fprettify - auto-formatter for free format Fortran sources (indentation and whitespace formatting).
  • FTNCHEK - static syntax analyser for Fortran 77 by Robert Moniot. Very useful for checking old code. FTNCHEK is now a Sourceforge project, with the aim of bringing it up to date for Fortran 90.
  • Perl for Fun and Fortran- scripts to modify Fortran code and build make files.
  • fmake - Small script for easy creation of makefile for Fortran (standard 90 or higher) projects
  • OMNI Compiler - Fortran 2003/2008 front-end and back-end with high-level intermediate representation to build source-to-source translator.
  • Fortran legacy tools - tools for fixed to free format conversion, conversion to lower case source code and extraction of local variable declarations (to separate subroutine arguments from local variables)
  • fortran-syntax - simple fortran syntax checker, including automatic fixing of the code.
  • stylist - Style checking for Fortran, PSyclone DSL, etc
  • Pastebin - site to post code in many programming languages, including Fortran, and get syntax highlighting
  • GGG (Geneva Group Graphics) - permits the creation of PostScript files from a FORTRAN program, and the automatic insertion into a LaTeX text
  • nmltab - Python module and command-line tool to semantically tabulate, diff and superset Fortran namelist files, by Andrew Kiss
  • convert_FORTRAN_case - Python 3 script for case conversion of source code files written in fixed form Fortran
  • fortran-linter - simple Fortran syntax checker in Python, including automatic fixing of the code, by Corentin Cadiou and Alexandre Poux
  • fover - semantic versioning library written in and for modern Fortran, by Guidi Zhou and Jacopo Chevallard
  • Linux Fortran tools archive: f2c, plusFORT, flow, ftnchek, mpfun, pgplot, toolpack, and other tools