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Determines whether one string is lexically less than another string, where the two strings are interpreted as containing ASCII character codes. If the String A and String B are not the same length, the shorter is compared as if spaces were appended to it to form a value that has the same length as the longer.

In general, the lexical comparison intrinsics lge, lgt, lle, and llt differ from the corresponding intrinsic operators .ge., .gt., .le., and .lt., in that the latter use the processor’s character ordering (which is not ASCII on some targets), whereas the former always use the ASCII ordering.


FORTRAN 77 and later


Elemental function


result = llt(string_a, string_b)


  • string_a - Shall be of default character type.
  • string_b - Shall be of default character type.

Return value

Returns .true. if string_a <= string_b, and .false. otherwise, based on the ASCII ordering.

See also

lge, lgt, lle

category: intrinsics