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BlockIt is a Python framework used to block parse your code (or any text file) into nested blocks. The BlockIt distribution contains a Fortran 95/2003 templating and preprocessing tool called PyF95++.


Tarballs of BlockIt are available on the SourceForge website. Alternatively, the latest development version can be obtained from the Git repository:

git clone git://

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  • Does anybody know if there is any IDE/editor integration with PyF95/BlockIt? I’d be curious to start using this tool, especially as it matures, but my command of ELisp is not sufficient to write a major mode for it myself. On the facebook page there is a picture which includes syntax highlighting. IzaakBeekman

  • Also, it would be great if people adopted this and some standards, or at least developement roadmaps, were created. IzaakBeekman