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Returns the lower bounds of an array, or a single lower bound along the dim dimension.


Fortran 95 and later, with kind argument Fortran 2003 and later


Inquiry function


result = lbound(array [, dim [, kind]])


  • array - Shall be an array, of any type.
  • dim - (Optional) Shall be a scalar integer.
  • kind - (Optional) An integer initialization expression indicating the kind parameter of the result.

Return value

The return value is of type integer and of kind kind. If kind is absent, the return value is of default integer kind. If dim is absent, the result is an array of the lower bounds of array. If dim is present, the result is a scalar corresponding to the lower bound of the array along that dimension. If array is an expression rather than a whole array or array structure component, or if it has a zero extent along the relevant dimension, the lower bound is taken to be 1.

See also

ubound, lcobound

category: intrinsics